Symposium papers

New Revelations from Old Deeds

David Cole, Ph.D., Local Historian; Richard Gifford, J.D.; Local Historian, Betty Slade, Ph.D., Local Historian

Envisioning Paul Cuffe: An overview of the images that have been used to represent Paul Cuffe

Carl J. Cruz, Local Historian, New Bedford Historical Society

Exploring Paul Cuffe: The Man and his Legacy,  A Public Symposium Saturday October 3, 2009 Opening keynote by Lamont Thomas

Lamont Thomas is the author of “Rise to be a People: A Biography of Paul Cuffe.”

Family ties: Cuffe and Wainer Family Connections

Presentation on the Genealogy of the Cuffe and Wainer Families

Richard Gifford, J.D., Local Historian and Andrew Pierce, who with Dr. Jerome D. Segel, has co-authored The Wampanoag Genealogical History of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Vol I and Wampanoag Families of Martha’s Vineyard, the Wampanoag Genealogical History of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Volume II, Part A and Part B

Paul Cuffe’s Social Networks and Entrepreneurial Success by Marion Kilson

Marion Kilson, scholar, Museum of African American History and author of “Kpele Lala:Ga Religious Songs and Symbols.”

The Collaboration of Captain Paul Cuffe and Captain Isaac Cory of Westport by Richard Kugler

Richard C. Kugler, former director New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Thou Art Often the Companion of my Mind: Cuffe, James Forten and the Portrait of a Friendship by Julie Winch

Julie Winch, University of Massachusetts, Boston, author of “A Gentleman of Color: A Biography of James Forten.”

The Struggle for Respect: Paul Cuffe and his Nova Scotian Friends in Sierra Leone by David C. Cole

David Cole, former lecturer on Economics, Harvard University, author of “Between a Swamp and a Hard Place: Developmental Challenges in Remote Rural Africa.”

If Paul Cuffe Had Lived a Few Years Longer: Sierra Leone and Liberia, As they Might Have Been by Kevin Lowther

Kevin Lowther, former director of Africare, author of forthcoming “The African-American Odyssey of John Kizell.”